Collaboration and solidarity are at the core of CBTW’s mission to make a positive and sustainable impact on the world. We firmly believe in the power of education and healthcare to transform lives and communities. Today, we are proud to share our Social Impact Report 2022, which highlights the activities and initiatives undertaken by CBTW in support of education and health projects worldwide. This report showcases our commitment to creating a better future for marginalized and at-risk populations. You can access the full report here.


At CBTW, we assess the impact of our initiatives based on the WWF Methodology, which distinguishes between direct and indirect beneficiaries. Direct beneficiaries are individuals personally impacted by CBTW’s support, such as the payment of school fees or the provision of learning tools. Indirect beneficiaries are those whose lives are positively impacted by CBTW’s support, even if they don’t directly receive assistance, such as the families and communities of our beneficiaries.

Our Solidarity Initiatives

CBTW’s social impact is driven by the collective efforts of our co-workers, who actively contribute to our solidarity initiatives. Through partnerships, workshops, and participation in solidarity events, our co-workers amplify the reach and effectiveness of our initiatives. Together, we strive for a stronger social impact that creates meaningful change.

Positive Actions and Fundraising

We believe in the power of individual actions to make a difference. That’s why we introduced Positive Actions, a series of CSR challenges throughout the year, aimed at raising funds for our NGO partners. One example of Positive Actions is our Movember challenge, where we donate money to the Movember Foundation for each picture of our employees sporting a moustache. It’s a fun and impactful way for our team to contribute, raising awareness and funds for men’s health initiatives.. These initiatives not only raise funds but also foster a sense of community and engagement among our Positive Thinkers.

Client Involvement and Solidarity Gifts

In 2022, we expanded our solidarity approach by involving our clients in supporting our NGO partners. More than 200 clients had the opportunity to join us in making a positive impact on education, health, and the environment. Their support has been instrumental in driving meaningful change. Additionally, we distributed gifts to the homeless of Brussels on Christmas Eve, spreading joy and kindness during the holiday season.

Education & Health Impact

CBTW has chosen to focus its solidarity efforts on two key UN Sustainable Development Goals: “Good Health and Well-being” (SDG 3) and “Quality Education” (SDG 4). Our efforts in these areas have made a significant difference:

Quality Education (SDG 4)

  • Direct Beneficiaries: 2,836
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 26,123

Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3)

  • Direct Beneficiaries: 820
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 3,913

CBTW’s Social Impact Report 2022 reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a positive and sustainable change through education and health initiatives. We invite you to explore the full report, which provides detailed insights into our projects and the incredible impact they have had on the lives of individuals and communities. Together, let us continue working towards a brighter future for all. Access it here.