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We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected to IBM‘s Partners Program. This significant milestone enables us to bring our expertise and services in technology to drive innovation and address the evolving needs of the Belux market industries.

Building on our successful partnership since 2009, we have established a strong collaboration on the Data & Analytics expertise, driven by the success of Positive Thinking Company, one of the six founding members of our organization. The expanded collaboration represents IBM’s active pursuit of partnerships with solution providers and its focus on creating intellectual property (IP) to address industry-specific challenges in manufacturing, life sciences, and telecommunications through process mining solutions and services.

IBM’s commitment to collaboration is exemplified by its program, which fosters strategic alliances with partners like us. Through this program, partners jointly develop strategies, leverage accelerators, and utilize cutting-edge technology tools to expedite customer projects. By seeking a limited number of strategic partners in each market, IBM ensures global coverage while emphasizing the development of joint IP. The network of strategic partners facilitates market expansion and mutual support among partners, creating a collaborative ecosystem that drives innovation and growth.

We will also work closely with IBM to develop solutions leveraging Envizi, IBM’s ESG software suite. This collaboration will enable both organizations to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges faced by businesses today and drive sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Bob Golladay, IBM’s Digital Labor EMEA Sales Leader, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with CBTW as part of our ongoing efforts to expand strategic partnerships and drive innovation. CBTW’s expertise and commitment to positive impact align perfectly with IBM’s vision for creating transformative solutions. Together, we will leverage our combined strengths to address industry-specific challenges and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Considering our extensive presence worldwide, our partnership with IBM is projected to progress from a pan-European phase to international expansion, covering America and APAC. This expansion will enable us and IBM to deliver our transformative solutions to organizations globally, providing comprehensive support and addressing diverse industry needs.

Jeremy Mazon, Global Alliances Leader at CBTW, expressed his excitement about the extended partnership, stating, “Our longstanding collaboration with IBM has been instrumental in driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions for our clients in the Data & Analytics domain. This extended partnership marks a significant milestone as we expand our joint efforts beyond the regional level to a more international scope and a new area with Process Mining. Together, we are consolidating six complementary synergies within CBTW and evolving from being a technology integrator to a solutions provider, creating joint intellectual property to address vertical challenges in manufacturing, life sciences, and telecommunications.”

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