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How can innovative solutions like Mendix drive efficiency and effectiveness in a highly competitive industry? DV GROUP, European leader in engineering, maintenance and control, was looking for a fundamental shift in its operational approach.

This case study delves into how, by leveraging the Mendix low-code development platform, we transformed DV GROUP’s project management processes.

Context & Challenges

DV GROUP faced a critical challenge: they needed a platform that allowed them to communicate with their clients about the progress of services. This platform required a solution that was agile, and robust but also easy to maintain and speed to execute. Also, it was important to integrate a specific dashboard section to provide access to personalized data.

Our Approach

Understanding the critical need for enhanced platform management and streamlined communication, we embarked on a journey to develop a solution that was effective and quick to execute. Our goal was to create an application that would ultimately lead to increased efficiency and better service delivery.

Our first step was to employ the Mendix low-code development platform, renowned for its agility and flexibility. This choice was strategic, allowing us to develop a robust application tailored to the specific needs of DV GROUP in 5 weeks. Mendix’s low-code environment enabled rapid development and deployment, which was crucial in addressing the needs and deadline of our client. The platform’s user-friendly nature also meant that future adaptations and enhancements could be made swiftly and efficiently, in line with the request of DV GROUP.

Mendix Low Code Case Study DV GROUP App

The development of the application was centered around a cloud-based, progressive web application Platform. This choice was pivotal in ensuring that the application was easily accessible, scalable, and secure. The application featured a clean and intuitive web interface, meticulously designed to enhance user experience. This interface allowed for seamless navigation and interaction, ensuring that all stakeholders, regardless of their technical expertise, could use the application effectively.

Using Agile methodology, we integrated several key features into the application to provide real-time updates and precise tracking of service stages.

In a nutshell, we designed and developed a platform that facilitates seamless interactions and offers real-time updates on service statuses, further enhancing transparency and efficiency.


The implementation of the Mendix low-code-based application brought forth a wave of positive changes, directly addressing DV GROUP challenges and propelling them towards a future of enhanced performance and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the platform significantly improved the monitoring and management of services stages. With real-time updates and detailed tracking features.

Ready to revolutionize your project management processes and enhance client communication like DV GROUP did? Contact our Low-Code experts to explore how Mendix’s low-code development platform can transform your operations, ensuring agility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.