Elevating NLU for Smart Speaker Success

Faced with the challenge of enhancing their Smart Speaker’s Voice Assistant, our client sought to refine and expand their Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities. The project aimed at overcoming initial shortcomings in NLU performance and skill gaps within the team, driving towards a more sophisticated and user-responsive virtual assistant.

Key Achievements

  • Established a comprehensive NLU strategy, including expert recruitment and targeted training.
  • Introduced an in-house data annotation tool and database for efficient data management.
  • Developed a full NLU model lifecycle and addressed ambiguity in user commands.
  • Launched over 15 new features for the Virtual Assistant, improving user interaction.


The initiative transformed the Smart Speaker into a more adaptable and efficient device, equipped with a future-proof Virtual Assistant. By industrializing NLU activities and leveraging best practices, we not only enhanced the device’s functionality but also established a scalable framework for continuous improvement. The project significantly boosted the decision-making process, operational efficiency, and introduced a robust system for monitoring and analyzing NLU performance.